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Fine Art

Ed Berkise is a consummate artist and longtime member of the Woodstock artists community. His passion for form and color shape his unique vision. With subject matter ranging from pure abstraction to political and gender politics, he is a keen observer of the human condition. His wry observations often imbue his paintings with insight and humor.


Stylistically, he encompasses elements of abstract expressionism, cubism and even elements of realism, with influences including Franz Kline, Matisse and Picasso, with a generous dash of Dali. 

Collectors and art lovers worldwide have purchased his paintings, drawings, and multimedia creations. Years of study at the Woodstock School of Art have honed his talent, expanded his imagination and added depth and diversity to his work.

Berkise is also a successful businessman and realtor, all the while pursuing an unwavering commitment to his art.


Please explore the new Website.

Please follow Ed on Instagram #edward.berkise

Commissions are welcomed.


Recent Shows

My artwork continues to be shown in galleries and private collections across the country.

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